Monday, September 29, 2008

No news is... so irritating.

We're in the "Hurry Up and Wait" phase.

Husband can't get his orders until we get the kid's ADD/ADHD documented with the army, which means spending $8 in gas to drive to Fort Stewart to sign a form so that the military can order records from the kid's doctor. Then we need to wait for the records to get to Fort Stewart so we can go in for a screening appointment. The screening appointment is all about the army figuring out what our medical needs are as a family and making sure they can accommodate us overseas.

We're not sure how long the above process will take. Husband thinks up to a month. Depends on where the foot dragging occurs. After we're done with the medical stuff then it's off to sort the moving stuff out. I have lots of questions... do they store our household goods (the ones that don't go with us) in a dehumidified and indoor warehouse or outside? how much is our weight allowance and is it less that a stateside move? How do we get plane reservations that include reservations with our pets in the cargo hold? The list is VERY long. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll wake up with a new question to add to the list. I can't go back to sleep after that.

In the meantime, we are still going through our stuff. Husband has huge piles of papers and army knick knacks that we haven't tackled in the past 8 years because he's deployed so much. I am going through his belongings like a Tasmanian devil while he stands on the sidelines nail-biting. I'm driving him nuts, but HEY, sometimes you need a little push.

P-Diddle's birthday is this week! He's very excited to be 12!

Also planning a garage sale.

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Pat...Cards in the Mail.
G-ma and G-Pa