Sunday, September 07, 2008

I guess I'm just not as motivated to write when Husband is around and listening to every articulated thought that comes to my messy mind. He becomes my vent (lucky him) and I'm not as needy to unload what's on my mind by blogging.

Well guess what? He's gone again. This time it's on a solo motorcycle trip he planned a couple of months ago to visit with some of the wonderful people who have supported him throughout his two deployments to Iraq.

Today he is attending church in Gaffney, SC with some women of the congregation who have "adopted" him and written countless letters and sent him packages both in 2005 and during this last deployment. Husband tells me they are so excited to meet him that they've been cooking all week and have even put an announcement in the local newspaper.

After church today, he is driving up to Virginia to meet and stay with another couple who have corresponded with him over the past deployments. Following that visit, he heads to Tennessee to meet up with one of his Army buddies who has recently retired. Then it's back home.

Husband returns to work on the 16th. Pretty quickly thereafter, he will get his written orders for Belgium and begin the process of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or in plain English: he will be given the written command to move himself and family to his next job.

We are hoping to leave the first week in November.

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