Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving in

Now I can have Fruit Loops whenever I want.
The four of us drove to E-Dude's new home last Sunday. It just so happens (actually I planned it that way) that my brother lives there as well.

When we sold our Georgia house, I got a bee in my bonnet and, with My-Army-Guy's okay from overseas, bought a condo in E-Dude's new city virtually. I looked at it online and dealt with the realtor by phone and my brother went to actually check it out and report back. The idea was to get it as sort of an investment, tax-deduction, place to sleep when not in Europe, college pad for the kids, retirement crash pad for My-Army-Guy and me.
The condo came with a couple of pieces of furniture and a microwave - perfect. E-Dude is the lucky one to break it in. It's a little one bedroom with a sweet view, close to several colleges.
On Monday, we unloaded the van and got all of E-Dude's furniture set up and went grocery shopping. Even though we were bunking at my brother's house,  I couldn't peel E-Dude away from the condo. It was officially his place. This was probably for the best because it gave me five days to get used to the idea of him being on his own.

The rest of the week, we hit Value Village for dishes and a lamp, Goodwill for a $15 Kirby vacuum and we went to the visitors center and other local landmarks. E-Dude also took some placement tests and visited with an advisor. He registered for Fall quarter.
On Friday, we drove to E-Dude's new place to say our final goodbyes. As I drove into the parking lot, there were two deer (a mommy and a baby) right there between the condo and the next building over. Right in the middle of the city! Perhaps there is a message in this somewhere.I hugged E-Dude goodbye and burst into tears and cried for almost an hour. The cliche is true - you blink and you're kids are grown.

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