Monday, July 21, 2008

From My-Army-Guy on July 21, 2008

I'm in Kuwait. We got in early this morning after sitting around for 12 hours switching from one aircraft to another as they broke down. Plus the weather was kind of iffy so when we flew in they did an instrument approach and at the last second swerved in for the landing (they had come in a bit off from the runway). Exciting stuff.

It still looks like I'll be home Thursday the 24th. I haven't heard them say anything different. At this point they could very well mix things up a bit, but the difference would only be a day or even hours. Also if the dust gets too bad we won't fly anywhere. So we'll see. I'll get home eventually.

I'm just glad I'm here! But it sucks here. We're at Camp Virginia out in the desert and it's blistering hot, the tent we're in doesn't stay cool, the USO is closed down for renovations and there's just nowhere to go or anything to do. I may be using a bit of money for lunch because I can't drag myself the 1.5 miles to the mess hall in the heat of the mid day. It's a hot summer this time.

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