Thursday, July 03, 2008

We made it!

Ah, Washington.

It was with great anticipation that all four of us rolled the van windows down, impatiently letting in the distinct smell of Western U.S. air we miss so badly.

Just a scant 20 minute drive past the Idaho/Washington state line lies my Grandparent's farm and the end of our journey (at least for three days). With dog hair swirling and assorted wrappers flying, we pulled into the long driveway.

There were lots of relatives to greet us: My uncle and aunt, 3 cousins and all their people.

And of course there was my 91 year old Grandma just chomping at the bit for a glass of wine and a fresh ear for her stories.
My uncle with his three kids

My cousin  and her baby boy.
Breakfast at Grandma's kitchen table.

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