Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Grandma's

Besides getting E-Dude to school, this trip was also a personal mission to soak up as much Grandma-time as possible as she's getting on in age and I'm moving overseas.

She and I had SUCH A GOOD TIME yacking, and looking at old photos. She told me all her best stories (several times). She talked a lot about my mom and dad. We laughed a lot and watched old home movies with her narrating. What can beat that? She is truly a family treasure. It's hard to believe she's 91... especially when she wants a snort of whiskey at 11am on a Sunday. HA

Here's some pictures of the farm... you can see why I like to visit. It's beautiful!

Grandma's house

Hey, why not? It's 10am.

Queen Anne's Lace

Up the driveway.

Do you have a snack for me?

Hot chicks!

That's the lake behind those trees.
Old wagon

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Mindy Loves to Garden said...

Edie - love your posts. I feel like I am there.... your pix and prose are great - helps to get by all of our mud, moss and mist here.
Daffs are just starting... we even had snow a week ago. Must be global warming.

Keep the posts coming. Love, Mindy