Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jekyll Island

I spent the day today with C-Bear and her friends at the beach. We took an hour drive south to Jekyll Island. The island is one of a string of gorgeous barrier islands on the coast of Georgia.

I was telling C-Bear how lucky we are to live where the coast is easily accessible, relatively uninhabited and absolutely breathtaking. It's different (and much warmer) than the west coast where you usually have high cliffs towering over the coastline. In Georgia, you have long, flat and unbroken vistas of savannah (grasslands) that ripple in the wind for about half a mile up to a short sand berm and then... bam, there's the ocean.

Georgia has done a superb job preserving their beaches and the coast - you can squint your eyes, look down the beach and imagine yourself back in the 1700s on the lookout for pirates. Shivver me timbers, yo ho ho and a bottle of root beer!

Anyhow, I digress - the day was about C-Bear and her friends. They swam all day and I enjoyed the shade under my umbrella in 95 degree heat. Luckily it was windy.

Watermelon Girl
Ally, C-Bear and Troy

C-Bear with Jessie and Ally

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