Monday, June 30, 2008

Guess where we are tonight...

Kansas City, Missouri. I've never been til now. Here's a hasty picture from the road of the St. Louis arch. The weather here is SWEET compared to Savannah. 80 degrees during the day and 60 at night and no humidity. The room is a pleasant change from last night (yucko - I never hit REM sleep - fitful).

We left on our cross country journey yesterday (Sunday) around 9am and drove up to Atlanta, thru Chattanooga, Tennessee and over to Nashville. Right before the border to Kentucky we stopped. 525 miles and one time zone. The boys (mostly P-Diddle) were pissed because I bought this inverter thingie for plugging in the Playstation 3 in the van and it doesn't work - it (the PS3) needs too much power I guess. They watched movies instead and C-Bear kept me company and poured me coffee up front.
Today, I was tired but on this trip I brought the big coffee pot and coffee and thermos so I can have good coffee and lots of it. It makes a difference. We drove through Kentucky, Illinois and into St. Louis, Missouri got on I-70 and drove across the state to Kansas City. We saw some evidence of the terrible flooding we keep hearing about on the news. The Missouri river was overflowing when we crossed it.

To make up for ridiculous gas prices, we are on a strict diet of free motel continental breakfast and making our lunch out of the cooler. Our only food expense is dinner. $30/day budget.
Gas is cheaper in MO only $3.85/gal.
The kids are in the pool, Barney has had his dinner and a walk and I'm on the computer. Hopefully there won't be too much fighting over the TV channel tonight.

Tomorrow we get to halfway through South Dakota then we see My-Army-Guy's parents on Wednesday.

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bea3855 said...

Hei from Europe (Norway)!
Lovely dog you have...
do you have ancestors in Norway?
Sounds like this!
Birkeland is common - and I town I drive thru when I am on my way back home to Telemark.
Happy Sunday!