Saturday, May 24, 2008

E-Dude's High School Graduation

E-Dude gets his diploma
Cap Throwing


Christina said...

Oh the agony of not being there to celebrate. Congratulations, Erik! It may feel like today is pretty much the same as last month, regular as ever, but think of it: your next years will be so full of adventures and challenges and brand new people & scenery that everything you've lived up to this point will sort of congeal in your memory with a file-folder label of "my childhood", and everything from now on will be "my adult life". Oh, the melancholy of thinking that you're taking this step - it's such a pang in my heart, and such a rush of excitement.

My life really began when I graduated from high school. It was heads down for college and then I started waking up to the opportunities (work, travel) I could start chasing. And boy did I ever! It all put me on a path that shaped all the pieces of my life today.

I hope you can foresee to some degree all the mucky, exhilarating stuff of life that will be Erik Mills' story. I hope you will have that awareness just enough so that the potential and promise of it all causes your choices and everyday mindset to be moment-seizing and purposeful. It's all now yours to create and own forever.

Here's to the great story that will be Erik Mills'. I so look forward to sitting around the table at many a future Thanksgiving to hear what you have authored.

Love you so much, my nephew. You are a great man... so far (ha).



dylan said...

ERIK!!! It is Dylan Masters from gym class! Dude I have been looking for you on Facebook for forever and I cant find you! Find me on facebook and leave me your phone number or email or something so we can catch up man! Or if anyone reading this has his number please please please let me know!