Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm so funny and predictable - even to myself.

I am packing to move again (I've lost count on how many times I've done this). I'm very very methodical about moving, packing. I keep a list, I plan meticulously BUT STILL as I'm packing, I get worked into a panic about forgetting something, having enough time to move, cleaning the place out. It is a circular train of thought and I lose sleep over it because the worries continue into my dream state as well.

I call this Moving Trauma. Besides the worries and sleep deprivation, other symptoms are that I see ghosts the entire time we are moving out of a house.

Now let me explain....

After all of our personal belongings are out of the house, garage, yard - the ghost of the objects are still there for me. The imprint we leave on the house is so strong, I see our things even though they are gone. I'm sure I'll turn around and find a precious picture, or a blanket one of the kids loves, or a drawer of toiletries. I run around at the last minute re-searching through every closet and corner to reassure myself that I was thorough.

It's like your mind can't catch up with reality quite that fast. At least mine can't.

Everything clears up the minute I'm out of the old place. Then I'm moving forward without looking back.

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