Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enjoying each other.

Husband is home now. He and I have both been suffering from sleep problems - he because of the time change and me because I've just had insomnia since Dad died.

Of course being exhausted doesn't help the grieving process - I've been a sobbing wreck and the more time that passes between his death, the sadder and weepier I've become. Yesterday was a pretty terrible day for me: I cried over breakfast, I cried riding on the back of Husband's bike, I cried shopping for shoes for the funeral, I cried really hard in the car after shopping at Kroger and then I went to sleep around 9:30pm. Today I feel much, much better and I haven't cried at all. I even had a nice tearless phone call with my sister. We've been commiserating a lot.

Other than dad's passing, I feel like the planets have aligned for me... maybe it's his doing.

The house sold in record time, I got my husband for two weeks when I really, really needed him and a bunch of other little things that usually drive me nuts went super easy this past week. Thank goodness for small miracles.

I've been getting lots of phone calls and a few cards and emails from family and friends and I can't tell you how much that cheers me up. I love it especially if there's a funny story in there about Dad. Believe me, there are countless anecdotes out there and I'm actually looking forward to being among my people and reminiscing and reveling in memories of my father.

Husband is doing fine. He is such a rock for me. I've been rather raw since he returned - not my usual self. As always he is patient and understanding.

The kids are in heaven having him home so unexpectedly. They've enjoyed playing computer games and PlayStation 3 with him. He also came home with season 3 of The Office - lots of laughs.

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