Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Countdown

13 more days until I put the house on the market. I'm pulling my hair out getting through my list. What kills me is I will do ANYTHING but what is on my list. Kind of like when you're in college and have to write a major term paper.... you know the feeling?

I just got a few of the carpets cleaned in the house today. I say a few because I have to have the majority of the carpets replaced... that happens next week. I'm stressed trying to figure out where I'm going to stash all the furniture while they are putting the new carpet in.

I'm having new sod layed in the backyard next Tuesday. The dogs turned the backyard to mud this winter so I'm left with no choice in this competitive real estate market. The place has gotta look good! It sounds so simple though having "sod layed" down. Actually it's much more involved than that. The kids and I have to get in the backyard and dig up all the dead stuff, weeds, rake and make room for the 1000 sq. feet of sod to be placed. YUCK. Calgon take me away!!!!

What else.... painting, patching scars in the vinyl, caulking around toilets, trips to storage, packing up junk, fixing window screens. Next week CLEANING.

Sad news: I am getting Maggie, my beautiful Golden Retriever a new home this week. I originally placed flyers all over town and ran an ad in the local newspaper but I was losing sleep over this. How am I to know what kind of home I'm placing her in? They could say they're animal lovers and then chain her in the backyard all day. WON'T HAPPEN.

The man who came to measure my house for carpet last week mentioned Rescue Retrievers - a wonderful organization who takes in the dog, fosters it to determine personality etc. and places it in a home that they have checked out completely. It's terrible to give away a beloved pet but with this organization I can sleep at night knowing that Maggie is with someone who loves her and makes her part of the family. Makes me cry.

Are you feeling my stress yet?


Anonymous said...

OH yes I feel your stress. As you know we sold our house and had to go through this all...But the worst for you is getting rid of your pet. We didn't have to do that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Edith i feel your stress, that makes me cry too just reading about getting rid of Maggie