Friday, January 18, 2008

From Husband on January 18

There's been no Husband Army news for the blog (we've been IMing but not emailing) so I asked him to write something:

Really, I don’t have it that bad here, not as bad as last time for sure. I eat at the mess hall every meal, I live in a little trailer with a roommate who works nights (I’ve had exactly 3 conversations with him over the course of the last month), and I rarely go out where it’s dangerous and people are shooting at me. In fact, this time around I haven’t been shot at once…always a good sign. Other than a cold snap, including a nice snow storm, the weather has been glorious this winter. Hardly any rain at all, and rain equals mud around here.

We rarely get incoming mortars/rockets here on Camp Striker, either. Victory base gets a few, but we don’t very often. I have internet in my room now so I can chat with you guys at night after work. Jeeze, I’ve got it so easy. I am one of those guys in the movies that they’re always making fun of: the REMF, “in the rear with the gear,” etc.

Here's a photo of me on a motorized bike. One of the officers has two of those things here. I’m not sure where he got them, but they’re pretty cool. You start it by peddling, of course, and it has a twist throttle and a clutch…It’s pretty cool. Plus it looks like an old Harley-Davidson flathead with one cylinder missing.

But I’m tired all of the time, probably because I don’t get days off and I work from 8am to, on average, 9:30 or 10pm (except Sundays when I sleep in). I have plenty of complaints about our higher HQ, that’s for sure. And, of course, I miss you guys terribly.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Thom is doing good, so glad he is coming home soon,,,Edith when are we getting togheter next time, we have to soon sense u guys are moving, me and Danielle is sad : ( We will miss the Mills,