Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Remember this kid?

He's all grown up now... boo hoo, I can't believe it.

Here is E-Dude now... he is graduating in the Spring and
HE MADE HONOR ROLL this past term with 3 As and 2 Bs.

Time really does go by fast.


Tara Crooks said...

What a freaking cutie!!! In both pics..but of course, I am partial! :)
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Erik Is SOOOOOO Handsome,
then and now!!!
G-Ma and G-PA

Christina said...

Oh criminy, what an amazing thing, time... Would you please put aside a copy of that senior portrait for me?

BTW, when is graduation??



jam_bear said...

Congrats to Erik....Smart and Handsome....Runs in the family I heard!! Aunt Janet

Erik said...
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