Friday, November 30, 2007

Be Thankful... you're not me.

Nothing seems to be going right around here. It all started with that terrible bout with food poisoning in June and it kind of took off from there...

In October... C-Bear ran away. It was only for an afternoon but it left me shaken. The day started with the usual "C-Bear empty the dishwasher" in the AM before school. She stomped out in huff with the job incomplete. This scenario happens with weekly frequency and is not at all out of the ordinary.

When she didn't show up after school, I drove around for 2 hours looking for her. Eventually, I called the cops and after much research they found her down the road eating in a restaurant with several of her school friends. She was escorted out of there safely by three very kind policemen.

C-Bear's run-away reasoning: she didn't want to come home because she would get in trouble for not emptying the dishwasher. I said "So what? That's life!".

I'm so tenderhearted.

In C-Bear's defense, she was on a new dose of ADD medication that week and it made her act "not herself". I immediately cut back and she was back to her fine and lovely self. Everything turned out okay.

THEN... C-Bear did push ups and sits ups at school in a red ant pile and required a trip to the emergency room to make sure she didn't go into anaphylactic shock. She had painful welts all over her arm for a week.

THEN... E-Dude got hit with an orange safety cone in PE and had to go to the emergency room to stitch/glue close cuts on his eyebrow and cheekbone.

THEN... I took my patio door off to replace the jamb and found ants and rot behind my siding and had to get that repaired. Plus I had to have gutters put in. We lived without a back door for 4 days during a freeze.

THEN... I backed my new van out over my fairly new bicycle and bent it all up.

THEN... after spending 9 months scanning family photos and inputting about 7,000 names into a genealogy program (this took tons of research, and lots of passion) my computer crashed. Completely. Dead. I felt a glimmer of hope this week when a computer nerd I hired told me he could recover all the data from my hard drive for $120. No luck.

And yes. I AM a dumb ass for not backing it up.

AND THE GRAND FINALE (at least I'm hoping it's the grand finale because I've had enough already)... C-Bear has to have surgery on January 11th to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. She has had a permanently swollen tonsil for years and it is causing sleep and breathing problems.

Army Wife Murphy's Law: all this stuff seems to happen when Army Husband is deployed.

Actually, I am thankful that my husband is still alive and well, my kids and animals are healthy. I'm not homeless or starving... just a little broke.

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Anonymous said...

Nietzsche said: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Your Mommy-in-law