Monday, October 01, 2007



P-Diddle got a really excellent remote control airplane as a birthday present and we went to fly it in a nearby school field.

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!!! Did you get the $$ I sent you? Yowza, go have fun with it, kid. I love you and miss you. You used to give me big kisses with your baby lips. I guess 11 year old lips aren't as into kissing their aunts, and I promise I won't force you to more than a couple hundred times the next time I see you. Maybe with some convincing I might just give you a big wedgie and call it even. Anyway, good for you. I actually remember my Halloween costume when I was 11. It was a big pillow under one of my dad's shirts and a belt to keep it from falling out, a hat, rainbow toe-socks up to my knees, and big red fake lips. What was I? I don't know, but it made my mom laugh. I played at a Halloween violin recital in that outfit, and your grandma Birkeland took my picture, now somewhere in a large stack of boxes in my spare room closet. Eleven is a big step up. I bet turning eleven has made you more charming than ever.

Hugs to you.

Aunt T