Thursday, September 27, 2007

My other children

I was telling my friend and neighbor Tara that she is such a great friend because she is saving us the expense of a vasectomy reversal or adoption fees. These are her two girls and I soak up their presence any chance I can get.

Wrena - Miss Pirate (seen above) comes down the street to see me often and in this picture she just HAD to show me (and C-Bear - she LOVES C-Bear) her Halloween costume for this year. I am particularly in love with the tights she is wearing.

When Wrena visits, she regales me with juicy stories and if you're a good listener (I have to be with her because she is such a good talker) you hear all kinds of things about her life and her family. One day she told me all about how her mom had to mail her dad a lawn chair (he's deployed to Iraq too)because he didn't have a chair to sit on in his tent and they mailed it at Mailboxes Etc., how much it cost to mail it, what color it was, how her mom swore in the car about the expense etc. etc.

When her dad isn't deployed I get to hear all about what her parents are doing, saying, fighting about, laughing about and on and on. I get a good chuckle and the neighborhood gossip without ever leaving my house. When I repeat some of Wrena's tales to Tara she is always shocked at the steel trap Wrena has for a brain.

Oh by the way Wrena is newly turned six but it's a "six going on sixteen" kind of deal. She's hilarious.

Wrena got a new sister this past summer. Her name is Chloe Jane and she is just as cute as Wrena. Chloe came while her dad was deployed to Iraq (he's still there). So needless to say, mom Tara needs all the help I am willing to offer.

You may remember I blogged months ago about how excited I was about her new baby and how I could hardly wait to hold and love on that baby. Well guess what? I have been holding and loving on that baby - she and Wrena are my sweet little-red-headed-step-kids-from-down-the-street.


Anonymous said...

Tell Tara, She has the cutest two. Love the names, Wrena and Cloe.
Kathie and Richard
Ma and PA

Tara Crooks said...

We love you. You know this but what would we do without you? I'm glad my children have such a good relationship with someone that I can trust and that I know will give them some "extra" attention!!

Christina said...

That Wrena sure looks like fun - no wonder she's under your wing. And holy moly, does she ever look like a Birkeland!!!

Tara's got some treasures on her hands. Send her my best!

BTW just came back from biz travels & took advantage of every blessed childless moment in transit to read She Got Up Off the Couch. Thanks for pointing me to that book, because I loved every page and did way too much laughing out loud.

jam_bear said...

Beautiful Children...Lucky you Lucky Neighbor!!! That was the baby that you wanted to go see right...Thats great...Jam