Sunday, September 02, 2007

FromMy-Army-Guy on August 27

Hopefully this email will go through. I'm trying to get on the faster network.

I went down to Kalsu, which is south of here, and spent about 25 hours on a mission (I was in the TAC not outside the wire) with a reporter from the Washington Post. I ended up getting 6 hours of sleep in 48. So now I'm sick as hell.

I'm excited about coming home. I'm really looking forward to chilling out with my family.

My little room is pretty nice. I share it with an Air Force master sergeant (that's an E-7 I think). He lives in the same town as us too, in one of the older neighborhoods. I haven't seen much of him because I was gone for a day and a half, but he seems pretty cool. The air conditioner certainly works. I took a nap yesterday after getting back and actually had to bundle up in my sleeping bag. In the tents you strip down and sweat like a pig during the day.

Anyway, I can't wait to come home. I really am sick and tired of Iraq.

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