Monday, June 18, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Thank you friends and family who have called, emailed and visited me during my "down" time.

The good news is... I'm feeling better... finally! I was telling My-Army-Guy that I felt like a "1" on a 10 scale when I first went to the doctor. Now I'm at about a "7". What a relief.

It helps that My-Army-Guy is coming home in September. Something to look forward to!

E-Dude started working at Kroger last Friday. He worked an evening shift and I picked him up at10 pm. He entertained me with the nitty gritty of being a courtesy clerk.

I now know which bathrooms are most disgusting, how the "women's aisle" (E-Dude's speak for makeup and shampoo aisle) is the most difficult to return items to, how in the south they call shopping carts - "buggies". He was wired when I picked him up but happy and carrying two cans of coke that he bought with Tip Money. Sweet.

All of C-Bear's friends seem to have moved (or are moving) out of the neighborhood this spring and summer. I have seen more of my social butterfly daughter these last few weeks than I did during the whole past school year. No complaints - she's a pleasure to spend time with (unless she's fighting with her brothers).

P-Diddle has been hanging out with the neighbor boy playing video games, on the computer and outside when it's not too hot. I swear he has grown about a foot in the last few months.

I'm working a quilt that I started a couple of years ago and lost interest in. I picked it back up last week and was using the sewing machine to put it together but I finally gave that up and am now sewing it by hand - much more control and a needle and thread is more portable than a sewing machine. It really doesn't look to hot up close but if you squint and stand back a few feet it looks fantastic!

My life is so exciting, I know.

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