Monday, June 11, 2007


It must be bad karma or something - and it did happen in threes. I can't go near an air conditioning without it going on the fritz.
Last Friday we had a tropical depression blow through Georgia and rain on us all day. We needed the rain desperately. The storm was accompanied by lightning that caused our lights to flicker and brown out. Long story short… it fried our thermostat downstairs so we had no way to run the air conditioning. We were HOT all weekend til the HVAC man came on Monday.

On Tuesday, the kids and I headed up to the coast of North Carolina where we stayed on a Marine Camp (Camp Lejeune) and enjoyed the loveliness and cheapness of a military beach vacation. We stayed in a great cabin 100 ft. from the ocean and played in the water all day and watched movies all night. The weather was fabulous – HOT! Perfect for the beach. The AC broke in my bedroom the first night and they had to completely replace the unit the next day.

Then (to add insult to injury) while driving home on Friday… the AC in my van decided to quit. It was a miserable 6 hours of driving in 95 humid degrees.
I will never take air conditioning for granted again.

E-Dude GOT A JOB! He is now a proud employee of Kroger’s grocery store (same company as Fred Meyer for my friends on the West Coast). He gets his schedule on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Shades Of the trip in 2005 with us in the trailer trying to keep up with the heat and humidity on 30 amp. I don't know WHO would have thought it was on 50 amp?