Saturday, June 02, 2007

From My-Army-Guy on June 2

Hey! Well I got my internet today. Very cool. But now it's 8pm and I'm exhausted.

So let me tell you basically all about it. I told you about the flight and the first few days of Kuwait. Then Kuwait became a mess of soldiers tripping over each other. We had to walk past the mess hall to another one about a mile away because the lines were so long. Very irritating.

I spent a lot of the time working on trying to get myself on a helicopter flying north. I finally did, but the weather was crap (thick dust, low visibility) until the 20th. We flew north and it was very uneventful. Two days later someone flying north was shot in the leg(one of the pilots). But other than that there hasn't been much going on.

When I finally got here most everyone else was already parked and they put me in a tent with a bunch of other senior NCOs. I immediately got on their bad side by taking up their "common room" space with a bed. They wanted me to sleep on a top bunk with some other dude, but I just pulled the bed off and put it in the empty space reserved for their common room. But they've been moving out slowly, moving into trailers.

Believe it or not the tents are nicer than the trailers. Wood floors, they don't leak, nice air conditioners, beds with mattresses and plenty of room. For several days I was stuck in limbo, waiting for my trailer office to be finished. We have these trailers with two halves separated by a wall. We have one half that we share with the EO guy. After a good week of working out of various offices we finally got our trailer, and we scrounged some desks and chairs. So now I'm all set up. Of course, that means I have to work, create reports, etc. But life isn't terrible I guess.

Please don't worry about me. These jokers won't let me have any fun.

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Thom Mills said...

What a freaking whiner this guy is....sheesh.