Friday, May 11, 2007

No Soldiers Here.

Well My-Army-Guy says Kuwait is crowded. Hunter Army Airfield is absolutely empty. I was just there shopping at the Commissary and picking up a prescription and I didn't see ONE soldier in uniform and it was right at lunchtime. When I drove by My-Army-Guy's office, there was a NWA plane parked practically in his back yard (His office is right off the air field). Lump in throat, misty in the eye, drove on. I MADE IT WITHOUT BAWLING!

I took E-Dude to get his learners permit but he flunked the "signals" portion of the test and passed "signs". He wants to go straight back there today, but gas is so expensive ($3/gallon) he's just going to have to wait until next week and study a little bit. I'm not driving back and forth while he "learns by testing".

Both E-Dude and P-Diddle let me give them a haircut them yesterday. E-Dude went bald, P-Diddle as long as I can make it with the clippers. I also bought E-Dude a new wallet and some nice colored jeans (for his job interviews) and I think he was trying to improve the whole package by getting his hair cut. He then tried to yank my chain by talking skinhead: piercings tattoos whatever. I said, go ahead... it's your body and money. That ended it.

I'll post pictures of the boys when I can get them to sit still.

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