Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a lazy weekend here.

Yesterday I sat around. Then I put a cat door on the door leading from the laundry room into the garage.

Unfortunately, when I opened the box containing the cat door kit, the template that I was supposed to trace on the door was missing from the contents. RATS! and of course... their hotline only works Mon-Fri 8-5. I went online and got the instructions for installation. They were missing too since they were supposedly on the other side of the template. Just 3 easy steps, it says.

What's an Edie to do without a template?

IMPROVISE! Yes I like to ruin doors in our house and arbitrarily cut holes in permanent fixtures. So I traced what seemed like the right shape, drilled holes at the four corners. Saw light coming through the holes - very exciting and it gave me the confidence to move on. Jig saw, where's the jig saw?

I found the jig saw I got from dad and all the rusty blades that came with it. I couldn't remember if the blade was supposed to point out or in towards the appliance. I settled on in. Started sawing. MY GOD, WHAT NOISE! Blade through metal is like a cat getting humped times 10,000. The saw was all over the place. I broke blade after blade. Doesn't matter because only one of the blades I had was long enough to cut all the way through the door.

Long story short, I had to hacksaw the rest and then hammer the door edges in to get the thing to fit. There were metal splinters everywhere that stuck to my sweaty legs. Flies were coming in every time I opened the door to saw on the other side of the door (since the blade wouldn't reach all the way through). It was a two hour mess and through the whole thing I was thinking "I've totally screwed this up. If My-Army-Guy were here he would be shaking his head and
laughing/ yelling/ being disgusted with my lack of planning and impulsivity. Three easy steps - my ass.

the pictures say it all BABEEE!


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE MY HERO. I am still trying to get a visual on the humping cats times 10,000 WOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

SORRY EDITH, This ones going in the newsletter!!!! I am still chuckling!!