Wednesday, May 09, 2007

From My-Army-Guy on May 9:

I haven't had much free time at all to tell the truth, though today I took time to watch a movie at the theater here (the set up here is so much better than it used to be). It was National Lampoon's Van Wilder something or another Taj Mahal something. Just silly movie.

About Chuck. I remember that Marble, when she was bored, would absolutely torture Boo Boo. She'd attack him and he'd chase her around. It calmed down when she got older, though. Poor Chuck. He's such a screwy little dude with so many issues (fat, wheezing, oversexed and violent...sounds like a character in a bad book).

Still jet lagging, though it's slowly getting better. We're going to be fairly busy the next couple of days covering training so it should be a-okay and make the dang time go by faster and keep me awake during the day. This morning during out meeting they turned the AC off so the commander could hear everyone briefing and it quickly climbed to 90 degrees inside the tent. We were all about to pass out and the stench of sweating soldiers was nearly unbearable. Oh the sacrifice of being a soldier! Sniff!

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