Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vacation Hangover

Laundry disaster
Well, My-Army-Guy went back to work today after 10 days off, the kids are at school. It’s just me and the animals. I should be cleaning the house which is a wretched pit after Spring Break followed by My-Army-Guy’s vacation but no... I am sitting here, the devoted blogger that I am, journaling about my humdrum life for you – my friends and family. Don’t you feel special?

My-Army-Guy’s vacation wasn’t like the usual “vacation” all carefree kicks and giggles. It’s tough with the deployment looming. We did do some fun stuff like:
Cleaning the garage
Having a garage sale
Buying and putting together particle board furniture
Going to the doctor
Grocery shopping,
Shoe shopping
Deployment stuff shopping

The best part is doing this stuff together since we won’t for a long time.

We built two of these wall lockers last weekend
Yesterday My-Army-Guy was sick with a cold so I went off to my neighbor Tara’s and put together yet another piece of lovely particle board furniture… a baby dresser. She is expecting a girl in August. Her husband is deployed also so I’m hoping that I can hold the baby lots and kiss it and squeeze it and play mama or grandma or whatever. Hey I've got eggs left!

C-Bear lost one of her mice this weekend. She didn't actually lose it in the house- it died. It’s always so painful when this happens… for her. I won’t touch the things but it breaks my heart to see her so upset. She scared the hell out of My-Army-Guy and me though. We were in bed, ready to go to sleep and C-Bear bangs on the door and bursts in all red faced and bawling

“Mom, (gulp, snarf) Audrey died.” (snot sucking sound followed by more sobbing hysterically).

I should mention here that C-Bear has a bad habit of naming her animals after all of her girlfriends (Audrey, Hannah, Allyson, Danielle etc). These are girls we know well and have come to love. She has a lovely red-headed, freckle-faced girlfriend named Audrey. You could imagine what horrors we were thinking…

“I found (waaaah, sniff) I found her at the bottom of her exercise wheel BLAAAH Waaaah sob sob). "

RELIEF we thought it was a dead friend God forbid. I got out of bed grabbed a baggie and removed the corpse to the freezer for a proper burial in the morning. My-Army-Guy and I felt bad for chuckling but we were so happy one of her friends hadn't died .
She got a new mouse on Saturday. She named her Hannah.

Here is one thing that gives me peace. I actually have found that being outside for an hour or more a day makes me more cheerful and less depressive. Isn’t Spring glorious?

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