Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm still alive...

Ass kicking by My-Army-Guy

Here is a picture of me getting a kick in the ASS!

.... for not writing. Sorry. Here's the long and short of stuff...

Thanksgiving we visited the West Coast. It was a wonderful time of eating, drinking, getting sappy (mostly me and dad) and visiting. We also had our family picture taken. Here's the shot.

My-Army-Guy got the news that we would be moving to Maryland. He got a primo teaching slot at the base there. We told the kids and started getting geared up for moving.
Here Here for Grandma!!!
December: My-Army-Guy's parents visited (or stayed at a nearby KOA). We had a great Christmas and New Years.

January: C-Bear turned 14, My-Army-Guy 41.

February: I flew back to Washington for two weeks for my Grandma's 90th birthday. Doesn't she look GREAT!

I also spent a lot of time at my sister's visiting and organizing boxes of old photos from my Dad's house (he has recently moved into an Assisted Care Facility). Here's one of my absolute favorite pictures...
Me holding my Sissy. Bro looking devilish.
While I was in Washington, My-Army-Guy got the news that the person set to replace him at his current job (so he could move on to Maryland) wasn't going to work out. Long story short... he will stay where he is and deploy in the Spring. We're not moving to Maryland. Not good news.

The kids were happy they didn't have to move and leave their friends.

March: I'm 42 now EGAD I'm old! I joined Weight Watchers on my birthday. My goal: 1 year to lose 50 pounds. More updates on that later.

April: Here we are. See! you are all updated. You didn't miss much.

We have a very short time until My-Army-Guy leaves for Iraq so we are trying to squeeze as much family time in as possible.

He is working very, very long hours so on the weekdays I see him for only about an hour at night. Hopefully there will be some long weekends coming up.

It's starting to sink in that I will be all alone again... depressing.


Anonymous said...

Hello Edith, finally an update on you guys, wow i thought you guys were moving, i guess we can drive down to GA this summer and visit ya all again...nothing much is new here either except Danielle wants to move her 10th hight school year to her moms,she is already talking to her about it.Danielle dont really have anyone to hang out with anymore not sure whats up with her and her friend here but they always argue and fight maybe its a teenage thing, dont know i know its a moody stage and i cant wait for it to be over and done with.I do wished she had someone who lived here she could be with,get her out of the house and be outside more.
I loved your family picture , cant belive how big the kids are getting.I am trying to find a part time job somewhere to keep me busy i have applied at a few places keep your fingers crossed that i get a part time job.I hope you guys have a nice Easter weekend togheter and hey happy birthday late to you,,, call me sometime busy bee....

Anonymous said...

How long is Thom going to be gone?
That sucks , you can always come visit us anytime with the kids,if you need anything while he is gone let me and John know ok.
OK going for a job intervju today i am nervous.