Thursday, April 05, 2007


Lately, C-Bear and I have been butting heads. It's about clothes. It's also exacerbated by hormones and the upcoming deployment.

We have been at a complete impasse lately in regards to clothing. C-Bear wears dirty, torn and odorific clothes just to get my goat. In particular there is one pair of jeans that could honestly stand and kick me in the ass on their own - they are so filthy and disgusting! This pair of jeans she brings before me daily and tells me "I need new jeans".

Now, of course this really gets me. She has a bedroom full of clothes (I would say 'closet full of clothes' but she never puts them there). Several cute capris at the foot of her bed, shorts stuffed in her art cupboard, cute rhinestone jeans stuffed UNDER her dresser.

I've been getting madder and madder and digging my heels in. There's been a lot of screaming. Anyone with a teenage girl gets this with no further explanation.

BUT I finally caved. You can thank my mother and C-Bear's namesake. I was thinking about her and about how elated I was after she took me shopping. I'm not sure it was about my joy per se because Mom was always so worried about what everyone else thought of us.

I remember her making big fusses over dressing my sister and I as teenagers. If she couldn't take me shopping, she would send me to the city with her charge card and a budget and I would come home happy and nattily clad.

So anyway we went shopping last night. C-Bear is a very good budget shopper and came home with 3 pairs of jeans, 1 top and a sweatshirt. We had some lovely uncontrollable giggles in the dressing room that made all the pissiness vanish.

Now I get to throw out the disgusting jeans and her green sweater with a big hole (which I secretly think she chewed just to get me).

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