Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our Big Adventure

Main Street, Daytona Beach. Biketoberfest 2006
Well, we didn't think it was going to happen. We were all set for a four-day (Thurs-Sun) weekend at Biketober Fest in Daytona Beach when My-Army-Guy found out at the last minute he had to work Friday afternoon.
Not to be deterred by a 8 hour drive on back roads in 90 degree heat on a rock hard seat for less than 24 hours of fun, we left on Saturday morning. I personally had the added incentive of my recent exciting 1972 Karmann Ghia purchase waiting for me a few miles from Daytona all paid for and ready to pick up.

So we left town about 9am and arrived in Daytona (after picking up the Ghia) at about 4:30pm. This same trip on I-95 in the minivan would have taken 2.5 hours. Nonetheless, the weather was beautiful. Very crisp in Georgia in the morning, pleasant and coatless until about 1pm in Florida, sweaty and humid around 4:30 in Daytona.
We had fun but our butts were numb.
Luke, Tina, Tara and Kevin
We met up with our friends and neighbors Tara and Kevin and Tina and Luke who had rented a condo...We whooped it up Saturday night, played some mini golf, went to dinner and drove out to the Iron Horse (I think that's what it's called) to check out the whole "biker" bar/Daytona thing.

This is where we parked at the Iron Horse
$5 for 20 minutes - someone was making a killing!

The next morning we headed home - 7 bikers and me behind them in my car.

The Karmann Ghia made it about 40 miles. The poor thing hasn't been driven over 40mph in 20 years. I could tell it wasn't at it's best but thought it was the heat - I could only drive about 65mph tops. It was roasting hot and humid. I had the windows down but the black upholstery sucks up the heat - very sweaty.
The red "G" light came on and I had to pull into a rest area. The belt was broken, the engine smoking. We weren't going anywhere. Or I should say, I wasn't going anywhere.

That was about 2pm.

We sent our biker neighbor buddies (who were going to wait and ride home with us) on their way at about 4pm. There was a screw up with the tow company so we didn't get towed until about 5:30pm.

They towed the Ghia to a nearby gas station. We abandoned the car temporarily and hurried home in the dark on the Road King about 6 hours late. Depressing. My big feat for the day was riding with My-Army-Guy on I-95 and traveling over 70 mph. Anyone who knows my story will understand that this is a big deal for me. I get the s@#* scared out of me on the highway but at that point I was hot, tired, hungry and depressed. I just wanted to get home.

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