Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mid-Life Crisis

Look what I just got... tee hee. This is the sweetest little car I ever did see. She's lived her whole life in Florida (since 1972). I am buying her from her second owner who has had her since 1974.


Anonymous said...

You Bitch!!
You have my car....I'm coming over there in Feb again and going to Karmin Ghia week. Screw the Harley stuff.

Call me

ChristinaOpalka said...

You know that if you own this car, perming your hair, pink sunglasses and "12-beer nights" are just around the corner.

You are going to be soooo happy in that car, E. I can't wait to hear the chuggy buggy motor myself. Question is, will I be tempted to bust out a Marlboro Red?

I love it.