Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I miss my husband...

Husband has been deployed now since the 6th. I miss him and the soothing effect he has on my moods.

Today I am organizing a work party in my neighborhood for Saturday. We are fixing a walkway to the high school and middle school.

Last night C-Bear came downstairs at around 9 pm and asked if she could eat a peach. "okay" says I. She stands in the kitchen, grabs a glass of water and goes upstairs.

While she is eating, I yell at E-Dude to come do the dishes for P-Diddle (it's his turn). P-Diddle has WAY TOO MUCH homework for a fourth grader. He has put it all off and there we are at 9pm trying to cram everything in.

I'm wander off my point....

E-Dude does the dishes with much huffing, slamming, and grumbling. C-Bear comes down and says she left her retainer by the toaster while she ate the peach and now its gone. She looks for a while, I get up and look for awhile. She and I look for 20 minutes. We filtered through the garbage, put our hand in the garbage disposal, pulled the stove out, looked thoroughly through the refrigerator, dishwasher, under the sink, in the bread bags, in the drawers.

The $150 retainer has vanished.

After screaming, tearing up the kitchen and crying we came to the conclusion that Maggie the dog must have eaten it. I will wait it out and either it will come out the other end in bits, she will be rushed to the vet with a perforated colon or it will mysteriously appear.

Did I say I missed Husband?

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splashita said...

Sweetheart! Thanks for sharing your life & ongoing everything! I am so amazed that my friends have lives & families, it makes me wonder what I've been doing all this time!

This is my first visit to a blog, nevermind leaving a comment so I hope things don't go pear-shaped! Love to all! Splash