Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!

C-Bear modeling her new school clothes

The kids started school a week ago. My-Army-Guy left for a school in Maryland for a month, I built a gate for our fence, and I put together a newsletter for my Homeowner's Association. I've been frantic.

Well, it's all done now. Time to catch up on everything else.

P-Diddle is suffering with the cursive writing that is the hallmark of 4th grade. E-Dude is a Junior in high school and is keeping nutty hours. Falling asleep at 7pm and getting up in the middle of the night. Still recovering from Summer Break.

C-Bear is very conscious of her appearance. Remember all those years I would speak with total exasperation about her not deodorizing or brushing her hair? Well, those days are finally over, thank god.

Well... off to pay bills.

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ChristinaOpalka said...

I have to say, these pictures of your kids at these ages look more like you than ever before. Although Erik's shaping up to be very Thom-like... Patrick and Carol especially have that round freckle-face beauty that is sooooo just like I see my big sis Edith in my child's mind's eye. Everyone looks happy! I miss you. - T